Bird Kabobs

Bird Kabobs are the ultimate shreddable bird toys.

Made from a soft pithy wood. They are irresistible to all hookbill birds from parakeets to macaws. They satisfy the instinctual need of these birds to chew.

They have been described as bird catnip. Recommended by veterinarians for for birds with feather picking problems. Legendary among bird lovers worldwide.

You'll be amazed at the sight of your bird enjoying the bird Kabob. These are truly the most sensational bird toys ever made.

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  • Mini Bird Kabob


    Mini Bird Kabob

    1.5 x 11Small Birds GIVE YOUR BIRD A REAL TREAT TODAY! This shredding toy is made from the Yucca plant, a balsa-like material, that is safe and loved by big and small birds alike. Birds just can't resist all natural yucca. The texture is harder than...

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