Booster Berries Enrich Chicken Supplement 3 lb

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3 lb

  • Premium supplement provides oyster shells for high calcium to support egg-laying chickens
  • Dried marigold flowers for bright, yellow yolks
  • Features black soldier fly larvae for protein, echinacea for an immune support boost, and crushed cilantro for vitamins and flavor
  • Also contains hulled oats, and pumpkin seeds
  • Famous Lafeber berry shape encourages enrichment benefits
  • Formulated by top avian veterinarians

Our chickens are valued members of our home “flock.” Beyond enjoying their unique personalities, we also love the fresh eggs they gift us. But laying eggs is physically demanding. Booster Berries Enrich is a supplement that provides a boost of vitamins and minerals to support good health during egg-laying years. It’s a way to show your chickens how much you care.

The Booster Berries Enrich formula incorporates:
  • Oyster shells which are high in calcium
  • Dried marigold flowers for bright, yellow yolks
In addition to the above ingredients, plus other essential nutrients, Booster Berries Enrich contains:
  • Black soldier fly larvae which is rich in protein
  • Echinacea root to help boost the immune system
  • Crushed cilantro, an excellent source of vitamins
Booster Berries supplements are created in our signature Lafeber berrie shape. The unique shape and texture encourage natural foraging behaviors to promote mental well-being, in addition to being tasty and nutritious.


We recommend feeding 4-6 berries per chicken daily, constituting approximately 10% of their diet. If you would like to increase the feeding amounts to include a larger portion of berries in their daily diet, feel free to adjust the feeding amounts accordingly.


Proudly made in small batches on the Lafeber family farm in rural Illinois, Booster Berries were developed by a team of nutritionists and veterinarians and are crafted with the highest quality control, so feed them to your feathered family with confidence.