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  • Impossi-Ball | The Bird Toy Store

    Busy Bird

    Impossi-Ball Indestructable Bird Toy

    Impossi-Ball The Impossi-ball because it's impossible to get the balls out, but just barely.  The entire product is 100% solid stainless with two safe ABS plastic balls inside.  The balls have large holes bored all the way through them, so a...

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  • Skewer | The Bird Toy Store

    SS Nickel Plated Skewer 11" for Pet Birds

    SS Nickel Plated Skewer, 11" Refill with your Birds favorite treats, yucca chips, Loofa, corn cob slices, wood blocks, beads - you name it! 11" in length and rod is 3/16" in diameter. The rod, screws into a threaded nylon cap that connects to a link,...

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  • Stainless Steel Bell | The Bird Toy Store

    Stainless Steel Bells

    Stainless Steel Bell Practically indescribable Bell, not including chain:Small = 3.25" x 1"Medium = 3.25" x 1.25"Large = 3.25" x 2"  

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  • Stainless Steel ring

    Stainless Steel Circle Hanger

    Stainless Steel circle enclosures. Re-closable, screw type. Refillable with your Birds favorite items. About 3" diameter, 1/16 thick - Stainless steel Use to string toys on, or create a toy using as a base. Pro tip: use as a foraging item, string...

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  • Stainless Steel Skewer | The Bird Toy Store

    Stainless Steel Skewer Large Kabobs for Pet Birds

    Stainless Steel Skewer, 11"   Great for serving fruits and vegetables for nutritious bird and small animal treats Filling with toy parts for chewing, shredding and playing Included one stainless steel quick link It can be washed and...

  • The Spinner | The Bird Toy Store

    Busy Bird

    The Spinner

    The Spinner by Busy Bird ALL STAINLESS STEEL The Spinner spins smoothly, traveling along the threaded rod, clockwise and counterclockwise, from one side to the either. Provides your Bird hours of dizzying excitement! Indestructible Stainless...

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