Kaylor Bird Treats

Kaylor Bird Treats, a great line of  premium, high quality, natural fruit & seed foods, and treats.

Why Kaylor of Colorado?


Kaylor of Colorado manufactures premium bird and small animal food. Our manufacturing facility is located in Greeley, Colorado, and we buy the majority of our ingredients from local farmers. There are advantages to Kaylor’s natural seed and fruit based products.


Clean Quality and Natural Products:


We contract the majority of our products through local farmers. We triple clean these ingredients to ensure they are free of all dust and foreign material.


  • Kaylor Sweet Harvest Pineapple

    Kaylor of Colorado

    Kaylor Sweet Harvest Pineapple 6 oz Bird Treats

    Kaylor Sweet Harvest Pineapple 6 oz A nutritional snack with various health benefits. A high amount of Vitamin C helps with your Bird's or small animal's immune system. The Manganese in this product is also an essential nutrient that helps with Birds...