Crocks & Bowls

Various crocks and bowls from manufacturers such as Lixit, Prevue, Indipets, and Feather Land

  • Canary nest | The Bird Toy Store

    Prevue Hendryx

    Prevue Canary Nest

    Prevue Hendryx Canary Nest Many uses - obviously for a nest! But... How about for a foraging toy, stuff with some great Treats or Crinkle paper etc... Or use as a natural Treat holder Hang with some of our Cordage Or, you decide!

  • Rattan Nest | The Bird Toy Store

    Rattan Nest

    Rattan Nest - color, shape might vary due to a natural product   Approximate size is 4 1/2" diameter and 1 1/2 to 2" deep,   Great for foraging (as well as a nest). Hang with leather or any of our other cordage Stuff with beads, crinkle...