Foraging Bird Toys

Your Bird needs to be stimulated.

These toys offer hours of fun and keeps your Birds active.

  • Busy Box | The Bird Toy Store

    Busy Bird

    Busy Box

    Busy Box by Busy Bird Indestructible Aluminum and Stainless Steel GIVE YOUR BIRD A JOB !! Busy Bird’s mechanical and foraging parrot toys are built to last for the life of your bird. Constructed of solid anodized aluminum and some stainless...

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  • Busy Strip | The Bird Toy Store

    Busy Bird

    Busy Strip

    Busy Strip by Busy Bird All aluminum and stainless steel. 12 total inches of threaded rods. Wing nuts and hex nuts wont come off their bolts. Includes quick link to hang noisemaker, other toys or just another challenge for the bird to get it off. Side...

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  • Finger traps for Bird toys

    Finger Traps Quantity of Ten Bird Toy Parts

    Ten Finger Traps. Made of woven Bamboo -  crunchy goodness. 5" long, about 1/2" diameter. Use as a foraging toy, attach as danglers to your toy, great for foot toy as well. Pro tip: stuff with crinkle paper for extra fun foraging foot toy or toy...

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  • Goodie Gadget | The Bird Toy Store

    Busy Bird

    Goodie Gadget

    Goodie Gadget by Busy Bird Solid Aluminum The Peek a Boo window lets your bird see the treat inside but can’t get to it. 9 full turns to get to the goodie Indestructible aluminum Spins on its axis Peek-a-boo window Your Bird will be occupied...

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    Now: $23.99
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  • Hanging Treat Basket | The Bird Toy Store

    Super Bird Creations

    Hanging Treat Basket

    Adorable Mini seagrass bowl suspended by colorful plastic chains.  Stuff with a favorite treat to create a foraging toy for more fun. Perfect size for Parrot lets Parakeets Cockatiels and Lovebirds Foraging devices require birds to work for...

  • Canary nest | The Bird Toy Store

    Prevue Hendryx

    Prevue Canary Nest

    Prevue Hendryx Canary Nest Many uses - obviously for a nest! But... How about for a foraging toy, stuff with some great Treats or Crinkle paper etc... Or use as a natural Treat holder Hang with some of our Cordage Or, you decide!

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  • Rattan Nest | The Bird Toy Store

    Rattan Nest

    Rattan Nest - color, shape might vary due to a natural product   Approximate size is 4 1/2" diameter and 1 1/2 to 2" deep,   Great for foraging (as well as a nest). Hang with leather or any of our other cordage Stuff with beads, crinkle...

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  • Stuffed Wiffle Ball Foraging Toy | The Bird Toy Store

    Stuffed Wiffle Bird Toy

    Great foraging toy! A heavy duty wiffle ball, stuffed with crinkle paper. This is one heavy duty ball, you can refill this a few times for even the toughest of chewers. Buy extra crinkle paper to refill

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  • Treasure Chest | The Bird Toy Store

    Treasure Chest Large

    Large Treasure Chest This unique and bullet proof plastic Treasure Chest is only for the most intelligent of birds. Some birds can not only get the pegs out thru the correct shaped opening, but also put them back in Made of bulletproof plastic, this...

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