Everlasting Stick O' Yucca™ Refills

$8.99 - $13.99

Everlasting Stick O' Yucca REFILLS

Birds Love 'em!

These refills are for 3 complete refills of each Everlasting Stick O' Yucca (or more if you put less on) Get them drilled or undrilled.

Pre-drilled or Undrilled Yucca chips. Mixed shapes.
Sizes vary from .375" to 1" thick and about 1" to 1.5" length/width.

Color/shape/size varies from lot to lot.

Each pack above is filled for 3 complete refills of appropriate size, buy larger packs for more refills.

Can also be used to make your own Bird toys. Feed them a bowl of chips or Wood, keep 'em happy!

You treat your Bird with great toys, why not add an actual Treat or two to your order? We carry a fine selection of the best Bird treats available.