Everlasting Stick O' Yucca™

$9.99 - $29.48

Everlasting Stick O' Yucca

Birds Love 'em! All Stainless Steel (even the heavy duty link) for your Birds protection.

Comes pre-loaded with Yucca. Refills can be added above and purchased Here

Three sizes to choose from:

  • Small 7" (holds 5 chips)
  • Medium 9.5" (holds 7 chips)
  • Large 11" (holds 9 chips)

Hint, the small size is great as foot toys for larger birds. Or just pick the appropriate size to hang for your particular feathered friend.

Compare the price to similar consumables. You refill this over and over, made to last a lifetime (or a Cockatoo). Your Bird will never be bored.

Add anything you like

Fill over and over

All Stainless Steel
For your Birds protection

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