Perch Pal Retrieval Perch

Was: $32.99
Sale: $30.99

What a great product! Have you ever had to retrieve a bird from high up? Then you know what we mean when we say, "What a great product!"

  • PerchPal™ is a revolution in safe bird handling and a necessity for every owner and trainer who work with unclipped birds.
  • PerchPal™ is the only portable perch that extends from 24"- 56" to retrieve birds from high places. Many bird owners have moved away from clipping the wings, so retrieving their bird can be an issue.
  • PerchPal™ gives bird owners and avian professionals a way to interact with their birds while reducing the chances of being bitten. It can also help make these interactions less stressful for the birds.
  • PerchPal™ has a strong, 3/4 diameter, reinforced rope, forming a 6 dia. circular perch around a sturdy molded cup to hold their favorite treats.

Has a cup where you can include favorite treats to entice your feathered friend.

Have a bird that cannot be handled or you want to try and interact with them so you can eventully handle them? This is the product for you!

You might not need it right now, but when you do ... be prepared.