Leather Scrap Bundle Bird Toy

Was: $8.99
Now: $7.99

1 lb of Leather, that's right, a whole pound!

Various shapes & sizes - please see pictures for sample representation.

There might be tooling marks, but we promise, your Bird will not care. They just want to chew!

These are 1lb bundles of scrap veg tanned leather. They range from .125"-.25" thick and all sorts of sizes. They are cut outs from existing projects so there might be stars shapes, irregular edges, tool marks etc. Please see photos for a sample of what you will receive.

Depending on the overall size and thickness of the pieces you get anywhere from 12-25 pieces, totaling one pound of leather.

Use as foot toys, cut out and add to Bird toys or just "feed" a bowl to your feathered friend as a treat.